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New running with Binos\Designator animation bug
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If you sprint with your Binoculars in hand and you have a primary weapon on your back (for example, MX), your right elbow will go through the rifle. {F26377}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Equip an MX rifle.
  2. Equip Binoculars.
  3. Hold the Binoculars in your hand.
  4. Sprint with the Binoculars in your hand.

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you only confuse the elbow? And the sound of running doesn't bother you?
After 1.46 too often we also hear the sound of footsteps:

mickeyman, to be honest I haven't noticed that.
BTW making a game, especially a big scaled one as Arma, is not an easy task. So its not uncommon to have bugs. No game is perfect, so please report the bugs and try to be respectful and patient.

silencefiction, I love BIS for a great game. But for more than a year and a half, I see the same picture: Every update fixes some bugs and adds new bugs.
In my theme, I only asked a reasonable question, not more

Thank you for understanding. If each update, only had to correct the bugs, then, today, the game would be much better.
But infortunately every update also adds new bugs. Thus the game takes a step forward and immediately a step to back. I'm sorry, that this happens