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Proxies for benches on trucks
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Trucks (opened and closed ones) intended to transport soldiers have benches. We should be able to easily hide these benches in order to transport cargo (attachTo) instead. Bonus points for disabling/reenabling the corresponding seats/slots for soldiers while hiding/unhiding the benches.

  1. Make those benches hideable by defining corresponding proxies.
  2. Figure out appropriate means to automatically disable/enable seatings corresponding to the benches. Maybe there are already proxie script-hooks?

That would be great already.

  1. Define truck-variants that already have the benches hidden - for editor users.


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This would allow to neatly load sweet trucks with cargo (boxes, ammocrates, and what not), while using the whole cargo-area and still not having those objects clip into the benches.

And given this is not only a graphical nuisance (disabling seatings/functionality of the truck), a proper solution would be most welcome.

P.S. If you could make sure that we could easily extract the exact position and area of such "cargo areas" (EDIT: "cargo volume" would actually be more appropriate for closed trucks and Co.) on vehicles (relative to the vehicle itself) from the config or by means of a script-command, then that would be really sweet. Guess that needs to be defined in some LOD; so if not for A3, maybe think about it for A4? M'kay? ;)

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Hidden selections refers to texture selection, not removable parts.

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ohh... :(

So... it's "Proxies" then, I guess, hu?
Eitherway, I'm fairly sure I've seen this functionality already implemented on existing cars, in order to remove certain parts...