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Angle of missile locking from helicopters (Blackfoot and Kajman) is limited (updated, with video demonstration)
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While AT missiles in both Blackfoot and Kajman have great manoeuvrability, these anti tank missiles won't lock at the target if your cockpit sight isn't aligning your desirable target, moving your head freely and looking at the target under you will not enable you to lock the missile. This is just so wrong...

Watch the video, which explains everything --->

While flying at altitude of 400 meters and trying to lock the target 1 km away, it's fine, but once you go higher than 400 meters, you loose the locking ability, this basically means the aiming angle of missiles while aiming down only lies around 36 degrees...

Also, HMD feature could be much appreciated, only it has to show the view of the actual helicopter optical device, while clicking right mouse would enter full screen mode (Just like rifles with any optical sight)


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Also the nose of the Blackfoot might be wrong, as in Arma 3 it's completely static --->

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So what your saying is you want a HMD (helmet mounted display)? Otherwise I can perfectly lock on to targets to the helicopter 3 and 9 o'clock with the gunner optics.

This is in the wrong category! "Firing from Vehicles" refers to infantry firing their rifles from passenger positions of vehicles. This is a "Feature Request"

The nose of the helicopter is based of the physical working prototypes of the Comanche. I don't think it was ever given a working sensor before the project was cancelled. You're video is how the sensor should be IMO.

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Well, as long as you fly low and look to the sides, the situation more or less acceptable, see the vid