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Ammoboxes need correct side/faction attributes
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Somehow, for historical reasons [1], ammoboxes always ended up with side "Civilian" and faction "Default". This needs to stop already. Or the other way around: please set the correct side/faction attributes for ammoboxes.


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  1. In order to read/parse the config in a meaningful and reliable way. It's a shame if we have to search for substrings in classnames.
  1. If the DisplayName of some ammobox says "Explosives [CSAT]", then that should tell you something. Clearly ammoboxes are linked to factions, and therby to sides.


[1] Well, I've just checked and it certainly was like this in ArmA2, so I guess it was always like this? Was there ever a good reason for this? Like making AI not target/prioritize those ammoboxes over enemies that dare to shot back or something? Just curious... :)

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Are empty vehicles also configured as civilian? Otherwise, if you mark an object as a hostile side, units will attack the inanimate object.

You can also make a sample addon yourself. Try to modify an ammo box's side and see how AI behaves.

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Otherwise, if you mark an object as a hostile side, units will attack the inanimate object.

Well, if this indeed was/is the reason, then I consider this an evil hack that needs to be properly fixed. You can't just mess with proper attributes for the sake of some funny side-effects. :|

Maybe set such objects to being "captured" or something less stupid instead. :)

Well, ammo boxes are considered objects and all objects must have a side. This issue is so minor. The fix would be a complete redo on how this game handles side relations, not a small task, and for what, so you can parse ammo box configs faster?

Also when you set an object captive, it becomes civilian. You're back at square one.

Faction on the other hand, I don't think it would effect AI behavior.

I have to ask, how many ammo boxes are even in arma 3. Last I call, it was around 20. 20 instances of a script that searches strings shouldn't take that long.

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20 instances of a script that searches strings shouldn't take that long.

This is not about performance, but about reliability. I need to be able to read from the config which ammo boxes I need to spawn for which faction. While this can be hardcoded for the vanilla assets (and already this is a shame), things fail and start to get cumbersome rather quickly once you plug in new assets, new factions by means of addons (or just future, official stuff, not released yet).

Nobody wants to have to manually support addons, or go back to a gazillion of missions once a new sweet faction appears. Stuff ideally just should work, once plugged in - given things are properly configured, but that's - again ideally - the responsibility of a single mod maker, and not of a thousand and one mission makers - over and over again... :|

Hardcoding/maintaining lists of classes is stupid as hell. And we need to finally stop it, by having a better configuration file (and properly configured addons). One step at a time... :/