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Weapon Mobility Balancing
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Many Players Online have been using Heavy Machine guns, Light Machine guns and Marksman rifles, In Close Quarters Combat Rather then Carbines or Sub machine gun , the mobility of these weapons need serious adjustments.

For example it is much easier to clear a room with Heavy machine gun then Sub machine gun or carbines, it thus defeats the purpose of Close Quarter weapons.


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Just some Logical ideas to improve this.
Heavy machine guns accuracy should be penalized while moving with and without sights in combat pace in real life a heavy gun like that would jump every where due to it's very wight and long barrel, also the alignment of the weapon sights should take longer since the gun is heavy and due to it's longer barrel.

This Idea should also be applied to Light Machine guns and marksman rifles, these guns are much heavier and have much longer barrel thus the weapons accuracy should be penalized while moving in combat pace, the alignment of weapon sights should take longer while moving and also in combat pace.

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The Close Quarter Weapons should have every advantage in close Quarter scenarios over the Longer Range and Heavy Weapons.

So Please Consider these Issues.

P.S Thank you for your hard work.

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I agree, just flip ur Navid to burst fire and its an instant kill in CQC.

exactly, one gun dose all.

Why not just adjust the "turning Speed" so you cannot move your MG/Sniper as quick as your Pistol, SMG or Short Assault rifle