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Wildlife missing visible model
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Some animal classes are missing their visible LOD's.

The unit wil spawn, they wil cast a shadow and move about. They can also be killed, however their visual LOD is missing rendering them invisible


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Steps To Reproduce

Select game-module side Blufor, set animals and spawn Sheep or Goats.

Or createUnit "Sheep_random_F" / "Goat_random_F"

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Hi, could you please provide me more precise repro steps? There is no BLUFOR Category for Modules in editor of vanilla game (game with no mods). I have tried this in both branches of the game (development and stable) and I couldn't see any invisible animals in the game. Do you use any mods? Thanks for help!

About those scripting repro steps. You shouldn't use the script command "createUnit" for spawning of animals. This can cause some issues because animals are agents and they do not use some properties/parameters used by human units. The "createAgent" script command should be used for animals.

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i think we had the same report a few days/weeks ago... the problem was a old version of CBA MOD.

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@DarkDruid... can you maybe give us some news to the animal/agent movement bug ? ty

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@DarkDruid it makes no difference whether animals are spawned via createUnit or createAgent, most of the animals behaviours are broken. Goats, Chickens and Snakes behave OK for 5 -10 seconds then freeze. Sheep move at full speed everywhere. Dogs just sit still, never walk any where.

@R34P3R: Unfortunately, there are no news in this area. The issue is internally assigned to the dev responsible for configuration of animals for further investigation. There is some higher priority work currently assigned to him, so he hasn't managed to look at it yet. I will ask him about it and we try to move it further (and fix it) as fast as possible. Thanks for your understanding.

@tpw: My response was reaction to the description of this bug, not the one about behaviour of animals. For more info see my response to R34P3R.

I would like to ask you to move further discussion about animal behaviour bug to the respective ticket. If anyone looks for any info/discussion about behaviour bug in the future, he probably won't look here. So anything written in here will be basically lost. Thanks

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ty for intel Dark.

This issue was probably caused by user-created mod. We are not able to fix 3rd party content, marking as resolved.