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The AI stuck and refuses to move or return back to formation. (1-video)
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Check out this video example:
The map is empty, the enemy does not exist, the threat no longer exists, (!no nothing danger modes), but the AI located is inside the building and refused to move and to fulfill any movement orders! Not move or not return to back to formation!

The mines are too far away and pose no threat. The player-commander, on the contrary orders of the AI squad will move even further from mines, but the AI refuses.
This is an old problem. I noticed this a long time ago. And partly it was reported here:
However, the problem was not resolved.


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Hello, could you please provide a repro? Without it there is not much we can do. Thank you!

Hi, you ask about repro-mission, but not easier to check all the prerequisites, when the AI should refuse the order? I said that the AI refuses to obey orders WITHOUT CLEAR REASONS. This means, unfortunately I can't recreate the exact conditions for this and do for you repro-mission(

All I did in the editor, before the AI refused to move:

  1. I placed 2 of the opposing team.
  2. Ordered the move-command, between two building for my AI-squad(all units, except one!), to the place where they later stuck.
  3. I with one soldier from my AI-squad placed mines.
  4. With the help of his squad, I completely destroyed the enemy.
  5. And this is all, next, I tried to bring them back into the formation.

You need to run a few tests, directing the AI between the buildings.
Also, you can use the same Stratis-Coordinates (029060), that you see in my video and watch what happens. However, that may not happen on the first tests.

I can only add, that this problem happens very often between buildings only in the cities. In the open landscape, this does not happen ever.

Adam added a comment.Jun 1 2015, 2:04 PM

Please attach the lastest .rpt file. You can find .rpt files here:

C:\Users\<Name>\AppData\Local\Arma 3\

Thank you kindly.

Done. See Attached Files, This is my last .rpt

Adam added a comment.Jun 1 2015, 3:53 PM

You have mods running that affect how AI behaves. Please disable mods and try to reproduce the issue. Thank you.

I don't use any AI affects mods! I use only three thing:

@CBA_A3 - everyone knows what it is! I use it, because DragonFyre required this addon.

@DragonFyre - only sound mod.

@ImpMovement - my personal mod with the acceleration/deceleration speed of only several animations. And adds the swing of the head at sprint. This mod is only edited one anims_f.pbo file!

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The cause of the problem, - the not stable AI pathfinding. For unknown reason, the AI-movement ability, can be blocked, after passing through some buildings.
Sometimes I still see this problem (v1.62)

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