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The tall grass absorbs almost all damage if eg. vehicle is inside it
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Sometimes (quite often) the tall grass on Altis absorbs all damage directed against vehicles inside it. Eg. placing a heavy satchel under light vehicle and detonating it results in the given vehicle taking no damage, as the tall grass absorbs the whole energy of explosion.

This has become a major issue in eg. TvT mods with MHQs, as players place the MHQs (respawn points) inside the tall grass, which makes the MHQs undestroyable in practice.


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Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Place vehicles (eg. Ifrit or Hunter) inside tall grass and try to blow them up with eg. satchels – sometimes they stop taking damage as the grass absorbs the whole energy from explosion.

Additional Information

Doesn't work always, but quite often.

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Adam added a comment.Jun 1 2015, 9:32 AM

Hello, could you please attach a screenshot of the grass? Thank you.

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Screenshot attached. This issue is apparently already reproduced and should be soon fixed according to David [Foltyn], so this ticket can be closed on my part.

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