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AMV marshall and offroads too vulnerable to obstacles
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If you try to break a thin wall with an amv marshall by 20km or more, your wheels will destroy, it's horrible, also about other cars especially offroads, your wheels will destroy with only speed of 10 or less if you hit a big stone, it's very annoying, also because of very bad AI driving, if you jut try to board your units in several mraps or other cars and roll in map, you definitely will see how they loose their wheels because of both bad driving and cars vulnerability.


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Agreed, apparently a technical with a rambar in the front can't take down a small wooden fence.. gg

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Thanks so much for care hope see improvements in next update.

AMV marshall is still same, just try to run over a short thin wall on anywhere like "kavala" city and see first 4 wheels will be destroyed!

it's still so much vulnerable in 1.48 update, nothing changed about that.