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Request: Select style of character anim in profile
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DNA has posted this:

Which says: "Tweaked: Walking lowered now with both hands on the gun (WIP)"

My humble request is to enable us to select the style of how our character moves in the profile. Thus, in multiplayer, characters movements are diversified and more natural because not as robotic.

Further, AI should randomize between available walk animations.

Anim styles should possibly also influence how weapon is carried when running (ie lower like the AI does or higher as is currently the case, so it bobs around on the screen.)


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Steps To Reproduce

1 Enter profile

2 Select anim style ie "Swagger" "Professional"

3: Swagger results in default style, Professional in new style

4: ???

5: Profit

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I'd actually like to make my character stand still, those crazy anims are rather annoying. There is a mod to do that, though it's broken as of 1.44 and nonetheless is mostly disallowed by servers. (I've attempted to fix this mod myself, but its config.cpp contains over 50k lines of class descriptions, so i didn't even tried to sort it out. I knew i could diff it with original cfg but i'm a lazy peson)
Choosing specific animation might even give an advantage. I.e. dynamic idle anims make things harder for snipers - while standing still allows better blending for a patient recon\sniper unit into trees, grass and bushes.

Human eye is very attentive towards animations - more than towards specific details of an environment. In wild nature moving things will either eat you or should be eaten by you. Naturally any animation annoys.

Yes, its ridiculous that we have to mod a work around for idle animations. only AI should use idle animation. Or maybe only players use idle animations when they are in the pause menu or tabbed out.