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0024057: animationPhase values not being properly distributed to the other clients in a server
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There was an issue that came up after the last patch stating that emergency lights on mods had been working fine until 1.44 in which they would no longer work. Someone, Balu, stated in the other report said (after it was resolved) that the command "animationPhase" is not correctly putting the values to the server and all the other clients. I will just copy and paste his response here

"Ok, we were able to find what causes this strange behaviour.
The value of the "animationPhase" which is used to determine which siren and/or which light should be on is not properly send to all clients. In our example the animationPhase = 0.2 is set for the driver and everyone else receives values like 0.2000767 which causes the switch case(0.2) to fail.

But please Bohemia elaborate why this value is not propogated correctly."

So as he asked that if this could be answered and I would like it to be checked and so would a lot of us, as this is not a "Mod" issue as he stated because they had worked fine before the 1.44 update. May we please have an explanation as to why this is happening because it is making it hard to fix things like this when there is really nothing we can do about a value being placed in the server wrong. Thank you for your time reading this rant and I am sorry that I had to bring this up after it had been resolved before anyone could reply to figure out the real issue.


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Just test the animationPhase command and in theory (if the above is correct) it will not produce the same values to the other clients in the server.

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This effects many of Arma 3's modded servers which have a substantial player base. We all love the game and what is possible through the modding. We'd really appreciate help fixing this issue since it's something that we can not fix by ourselves.

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