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error rpt spams new class undefined
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Since new tools and or 1.44 shapes with water texture are erroring

Warn: Shape '???' contains water texture however it does not carry a special class name. Consider craeting one to speed up the detection!

I believe errror is new binarise exe not reading p3d class is water in geometry however it could be the new 1.44 exe itself

This error didnt occur previous to 1.44 or before new tools and binarise exe so hard to say what the fix is required
Whilst I undesrtand ponds are not supported , it seems strange a catch for such an error woukd be added after community ponds were released , ergo I believe binarise exe has been designed to appease pbo project rather than a3 tools and has such p3ds are no longer being attibuted to terrain correctly during binarisation .


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Steps To Reproduce

Make ponds and add to terrain binarise terrain
Start game and read rpt.

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Reverted Binarise. exe and all working now

The problem is not solved, with the last stable Tools 0.88 and Game 1.46! Before the last update this still worked without errors.

Agreed looks like 1.46 didn't like community ponds and added a new catch for water that isn't sea and made it spit out errors right after the ponds were released

Strange timing really but I'm sure there is a good explanation