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Selecting items in RscListBox wont work as expected when ListBox is created with ctrlCreate
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If a ListBox control is created with ctrlCreate, selecting items in the lower half isnt working until the items scrolled in the upper half.

It seems the size of the control have no influence on this, seems locked to the item count. (first 6-7 items are selectable)


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Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Create a empty dialog
  2. Add a ListBox using ctrlCreate
  3. Populate the ListBox with 20-30 items
  4. Try selecting the visible items from top to bottom
  5. Recognize some items are not selectable
  6. Scroll up the unselectable items
  7. Recognize the beforehand unselectable items are now selectable


Start the provided test mission. :]

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I can confirm that. I tried the same and i only able to select the 1# to 6# entry without scrolling. 7# to x# are not selectable until scrolling it up.

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should be fixed on dev

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