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We need more sub-sonic ammunition! Especially assault rifles!
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Currently, as it stands you can put suppressors on nearly every weapon. You cannot however find any subsonic ammo for 90% of those weapons. It would be nice to get some 5.56mm, 6.5mm, 7.62mm and other realistic sub-sonic calibers. Arma 2 had sub-sonic ammo for assault rifles, why not arma 3.

The asp-1 kir has subsonic ammo, we need more!


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Yes, this is possible with mods. This should really be available in game. This isn't really hard to do. Just need to add more ammo classes with sub-sonic values.

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Those calibers travel at such fast velocity, that making them subsonic would cause the action fail to cycle. Perhaps adjusting gas block might work sort of. Look up some videos on youtube. Even if you succeeded making the gun cycle the bullet velocity, trajectory and damage would be greatly different causing even more pain with the amount of hits required to take down an enemy.

At no point did I say subsonic ammunition didnt effect weapon performance. Also, for a game that doesn't simulate weapon jams and overheating, I dont think sub sonic ammo is a big issue. All issues IRL dont need to be simulated.

"bullet velocity"... really? did you need to point that out.

I would imagine in 2035 they would have a better grasp on switching between super and subsonic ammo. Also, it's not meant for range. It could be used in CQB scenarios.

I'm just pointing our facts to developers that you did not.
But perhaps they already know that which is why they never gave us an option to use subsonic rounds for calibers such as this. 5.56, 7.62 are not "realistic sub sonic calibers" as said they don't function properly. I personally wouldn't like this implemented because of what i mentioned before. That's just my opinion.