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AI can Open/Walk through LOCKED DOORS !
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If you locking doors by Script:

_building = (position prison nearestObject 1434607);
_building setVariable["bis_disabled_Door_2",1,true];

You AI teammates can still open this door and walking through it !

This sucks a lot :-(


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AI Pathfinding / Motion
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Place ai units in a building and lock the Doors.

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I've downvoted it. Only because it, in many cases, saves AI from being stuck at places where it can't estimate its direction. Just observe your AI more closely.
Sometimes when AI gets stuck though, it doesn't use this ability. The only way to get him unstuck is to move to him, order him to move, do various things with combat modes and stances, and have him collide with you so that he will slowly move towards the right direction.
Extremely painful thing to do. While doing that, expect dealing with massive amounts of your hate.

As a workaround, i reckon it can be programmed to get unstuck by itself. You give it an order to move by itself, then it waits some time doing nothing, then it screams "Negative". So this should be detected.

As it moves through obstacles, it does so reasonably slowly, so that doesn't break balance.

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But it sucks if you whant to make a prison and the ai walking around and open all locked doors !

acknowledged... is the same like close... so sad