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Headless client : RPT Error on startup
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since arma3 1.3x (HC rewrite), i have RPT Error on Headless Client.


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run HC, look at RPT

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Error :

2:04:13 Error in expression <ffectCreate ["ColorCorrections", 1600];
BIS_TotDesatCC ppEffectAdjust [1,1,0,[0,>
2:04:13 Error position: <BIS_TotDesatCC ppEffectAdjust [1,1,0,[0,>
2:04:13 Error Undefined variable in expression: bis_totdesatcc
2:04:13 File A3\functions_f\Feedback\fn_feedbackInit.sqf, line 56

2:04:15 Error in expression <tOxygenRemaining player;

BIS_SuffCC ppEffectAdjust [1,1,0,[0.0090>
2:04:15 Error position: <BIS_SuffCC ppEffectAdjust [1,1,0,[0.0090>
2:04:15 Error Undefined variable in expression: bis_suffcc

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Adam added a comment.May 11 2015, 12:39 PM

Hello, i'm unable to reproduce your issue. Could you please provide more info thank you!

23:36:12 Error in expression <ffectCreate ["colorCorrections", 1999];
_ppColor ppEffectEnable true;
_ppColor p>
23:36:12 Error position: <_ppColor ppEffectEnable true;
_ppColor p>
23:36:12 Error Variable indéfinie dans une expression: _ppcolor
23:36:12 File A3\functions_f\GUI\fn_establishingShot.sqf, line 73

I have this everytime.
With extDB and a modified life_server

havena added a subscriber: havena.May 8 2016, 12:04 PM

yes i use extDB & CBA too

@Adam Repro send to dwarden