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Extremely random crash during play, SP/MP.
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A reported crash that has happened in MP has happened to me in SP. Linking relevant /r/arma3 subreddit post as well as uploading my SP crash RPT files.

My specific post on same thread with my SP crash message screenshots linked, including Event Viewer screenshot.



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Unable, crash seems random, in my case was triggered by an unseen grenade explosion.

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RPT, BIDMP and MDMP file sent in a single WinRAR archive.

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Can confirm. Just happened to me too.
I was playing with ACE but I don't think that's the problem in this case.
Just tried to load my mission on the Stratis via editor and arma 3 just crashed. On the next start of the game the same mission loaded just fine. Here's my crash log.!SwBGVRYA!e5SVeg3C5PW9fqM4S8Dx5LWYDZZgQwVGQHF87j9KJ7k

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Hello, try reproducing this issue without mods. Thank you!

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