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"Publish to Steam Workshop" does not display all mission
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Trying to update an already published mission on the workshop, however I do not see all of my missions on the list. The last one I published isn't showing up in the list.

It *does* show up in the workshop list of a contributor I added to the mission.

This isn't universally true, however. Some of my missions DO show up. I also see some missions as mine where I am entered as contributor.


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Steps To Reproduce

No real way to reproduce, it seems random. Note that the missions that Varanon or myself have made all show up in one or two of the workshop listings in the editor, but not necessarily the right one.

Additional Information

This might or might not be related to issue #22071

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Spreadsheet with all missions FHQ has done. Red lines are missions that appear in only one workshop (the wrong one)

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Hi there, we advise not to use the contributor feature.

It's not implemented in the SDK, we have no way to control it, and using it can result in a weird behavior or even the whole workshop item getting corrupted.