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Consistent Failed uploads of files to the Steam Workshop via Publisher
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For the past week I have tried to upload mods that I've had no issues uploading to the Steam Workshop. While the box only has 1.44 this was with 1.42 Stable Branch. I would have a folder with the "Addons" folder, along with the mod .PBO as well as the associated .bisign. Once I selected that folder it would tell me that while it had the nominal Addons folder it would tell me that it was no in the root directory. After some time trying to find this "root folder", which wasn't specified on the Community Wiki or official BIS Wiki. So I would click "Fix it" and earlier last week one of my mods uploaded fine, and a subsequent check by subscribing to my own mod showed it work. Only this past Sunday did it not work anymore, and subsequent retries has yielded no luck, either with the same mod or any other. Publishing scenarios via the in-game interface does work however, though Publisher doesn't allow updates through there. {F26202} {F26203} {F26204}


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can you upload Publisher's logs please. We'll take a look on why is it failing; i'm not aware of any change in past two weeks that might cause this. One option you can try is to publish the item without an image, there's been some issue with mod thumbnails recently.

About what is mean by 'root folder'. That's an @modFolder, root folder of the mod. In publisher you have to add folders and files that you want to have in the mod folder, but not the mod folder itself. The Launcher will create the @modFolder automagically from the name of the workshop item.

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Okay uploaded... The process I do is create an @MyMod (for example) then put the Addons folder with the files inside. I'll just add the files one by one and see how that goes then...

For me personally, the easiest way is to open the mod folder in Windows Explorer (or Total Commander) and select it's content (Addons, readme.txt, mod.cpp, etc.) and drag and drop it to the "Mod content" field in the Publisher.

As for the logs, the last log is from 21st April. I believe that Publisher's logs were recently moved to Arma 3 Tools log folder (that would be C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3 Tools\Logs for you). Could you please upload those as well.

Anyway, in uploaded logs is a record of "Generic failure" returned by Steam, that all the info Publisher gets :(, but there are Steam logs in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\logs that may contain additional info.

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Okay logs from Steam and the correct Logs appended... I'll do it like that then..

As discussed with EricJ, it seems that the issue is caused by the internet connection because his logs contain a log of connection failures and disconnections. In addition, he succeeded to perform an upload from another internet connection, which reinforce the suspicion.

Therefore, I assume this ticket can be marked as "resolved" and later on, closed.