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All scope reticles are now dimmer than illuminated iron sights.
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After new collimation tech came holographic sights and combat optics no longer illuminate correctly. They are very dim even in nightvision, and oddly dimmer than illuminated iron sights. They used to be realistically bright in NV.

That includes backup sights too in all scopes, like the new green dot on Nightstalker and RCO red dot sight.

New ACO SMG reticles are very blurry and no longer illuminate correctly.

I also see that Kahlia scope has red backup sight but it doesn't illuminate at all. (I am not sure if this is intended).


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Steps To Reproduce

Try any sight in a weapon that has illuminated iron sights and compare them at night. With or without NVG.

They used to be very bright, especially in nightvision.

Additional Information

Affected sights are:
DMS backup sight
Yorris, MRD
AMS all backup sight variants
ACO sights, MK holos all variants
RCO backup sight
Nightstalker backup sight
Kahlia iron sight (???)

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I'm not able to reproduce this. Could you please attach a screenshot of the issue?

Thank you - all those red dots/holo reticles are dimmer

they need to be more brighter like this

Confirming, noticed clear change after 1.42. Sometimes its hard to see the reticle of collimator sights in low light conditions.
Please adjust the brightness settings for all sights for both night and day time. In real life eotech holosights and aimpoint red dots have the ability to adjust brightness between atleast 10 different levels plus seperate adjustments for NVG goggles.

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Roberthammers screens show current problem.

Put yourself in very dark conditions in editor and use weapon like MK20 or TRG that has illuminated iron sights too.

Comparing between scopes and iron sights brightness it is easy to see the scopes don't glow properly anymore, because the iron sight is brighter.

Just look how dim they are! Can even barely see it, worthless piece of junk. They're so dirty too i always use ironsights instead.

Side note: New ACO SMG reticles are very blurry and the reticles seem to be like 2x larger than normal reticles, at least the green SMG variant, making them very inaccurate to use. Also they don't glow correctly either, not in the dark, not with even with NVG.

All AMS backup reticles suffer from same problems as they use same reticles.

Since apparently other light sources were illuminating our reticles according to this.. #0020337.. Maybe we should have a real source for that.
So either adjust the brightness settings for all collimator sights for both day and night time.
Or give us the ability to adjust reticle brightness in-game.