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BIS_fnc_MP problem with parseText - CAN CLOSED
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BIS_fnc_MP have problems with parseText with included images.
The text will shown on all clients, but the image is only shown up on the client wich is Host/Server. {F26184}


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_msg = parseText "<img image='images\hint.jpg'/><br/><br/><t color='#ffffff' size='1.1'>TRANSFER TO ALL CLIENTS</t>";

[_msg,"hint"] call BIS_fnc_MP;


the hint will fired on each client.
the text apears on all clients.
the image only apears on client witch is host/server.

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Could you please attach a simple repro mission displaying this issue?

Thank you.


1: Save attached mission as MP_mission
2: Host the mission Local or Dedicated
3: Let 1 or 2 Players join the mission
4: Walk to the marker

5: you will get a hint message with an included picture.
6: the image will only shown on the host/server machine.

BIS_fnc_MP will only make the Arg to publicVar ?

Type Text is supported. Just tested it on dedicated, image appears on the client no problem

Hmm so why its not working if i host a game ?