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Mk17 Holosight has wrong description
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Mk17 Holosight's description says that it has Magnification: 1x-2x, but it hasn't.


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Try holding right mouse button while looking through the holosight. That will increase your zoom level to 2x

Thank you for your feedback.

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However the zoom of your eyes have nothing to do with holosight optic right?
Meaning that your view get zoomed in but holosight don't have zoom level at all.

Therefore the ironsight and the eye has 1x-2x magnification, because we can zoom in with right mouse button too? It's not magnification change. It's more like focusing.

Magnification change is what we can change with Zoom in/Zoom out. Try it with bigger scope ASM(3x - 10x).

Based on the description(1x-2x) the holosight should have zoomable level 2x same as the ASM scope. Do you know what i mean?

Related to or child of #23195.
See my note in that issue regarding this sight.

Ceeeb: I noticed too, that some of the old(not marksmen) optic zooming behave strange.

This ticket is about the inventory description of the holosight. It's misleading, because holo don't have 2x magnification. It's just like ironsight or reddot.