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New explosion sounds
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Revisit all explosion sounds, all explosions sound more 'poof' than 'boom' and they never sounded convincing. A little camera shake wouldn't hurt either


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Curious as to what speakers you are using?

oggoeg added a subscriber: oggoeg.May 8 2016, 12:00 PM

If I use speakers it's too big Sonab stereo.
Mostly I use Wireless Soundblaster Tactic 3D Rage headphones.

Doesn't really matter what speakers I'm using, because the ticket is about the sound samples being lame farts (sorry about that, it's true) rather than an explosion.
Fireworks sample would sound more convincing than current age old audio from Alpha.

I only ask because if you're using speakers or headphones with a small frequency response range then you wouldn't be hearing the full sound of the explosions, so it kinda does matter.

That being said, those headphones have a 20Hz-20,000Hz frequency response, which is the range of human hearing so technically you should be hearing the full explosions...

Up-voted for bigger explosion sounds +1