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Clarity over Steam Workshop Paid mods.
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Just a request for Clarity of BI's position over the move for steam to allow Paid mods while taking 75% of the price. I have heard that it will be down to each developer to decide whether it will be allowed to happen on their workshop. I believe it would cause a splintering of the community into those that have and those that can't play because they haven't

My personal opinion is that mods should be free and stay free. Of course donations should be allowed to the mod so that they may get 100% of what is given to them.


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Dear john681611,

I don't think, that is the right place to discuss such a topic.

Take a look into the official forum ( and maybe post your thoughts about it.

Maybe you would be interested in my most recent Idea: #0023910

Your feedback in form of an opinion is valid, and there is no reason to limit the discussion to forums, when there is an "other" category provided here.

The work is done by the Modder and not the game developer. The modder is an unofficial employee without contract. He is improving the game in the same sense, as any member of the development team (creating new assets and scripts). BIS should provide support to the modders for improving the game. That support should be voluntarily, because BIS did not have comissioned the Mods.
Only BIS is profiting from the mods financially and it is a friendly/humane (uncapitalistic) gesture if BIS transmits the profits back to the modder in any form.

for DayZ they have employed Dean Hall and payed him monthly (I assume)
with MANW they tried to combine that support with a rise of quality standards for mods.

And now a 180° turnaround. Now modders are going to feed BIS the money, they get from their fans.
The Donate Button is transforming into a Paywall, the money goes to BIS, the fans become clients, the supportive comments get replaced by hatemails and bug complaints.

Way to destroy a community.

On a German Forum I called it "Make (flame)War Not Arma" and I think it fits the Situation perfectly. They don't appear to be too exited. Nobody is saying we shouldn't support modders in some way. Most people complain about the amount, that BIS would take from each transfer.