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Old problem: AI not able to execute the rearm/reloading command.
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When subordinates AI out of ammo, they report to the commander - "low ammo". In this case, the command menu offers the player, to command "rearm at soldier".
But, If player will use this command, then the AI will say - "Ok, Ready".
But in fact, it will not do the rearm or reloading actions
Thus, in this case the game is simply cheating players. BIS, Please teach allied AI do this command, or remove "reload-command" from action menu, because this useless. There is no point in cluttering the action menu


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Just to add weaponless AI of opposite faction will not pick up a weapon if you leave one in front of it, could be related

I've misunderstood your point.
I checked this repeatedly, durring battle, when the AI has the danger mode.
In these cases, it behaves not adequate

sorry was typo, opposite faction not action lol

I don't mean different fractions. I mean only soldiers from the same faction. It's always a commander and his subordinate.
In this tandem (same faction!) of the above problems happen.

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