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Game froze whilst spectating, had to kill from Task Manager
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Whilst spectating a mission after dying, after maybe 10 minutes A3 completely locked up and my OSD showing the FPS froze as well. I had to open Task Manager to kill A3.

The same thing happened to 2 other players, all within about 5 minutes of each other, one of whom told me his RPT shows an error relating to D3D11, as does mine. He also told me the mission was a vanilla map, not sure if it used any mods.



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Please try reproducing the issue without running Play withSix and without the -malloc=tbbmalloc enabled. Thank you.

PwS is just a launcher, so I don't see how that could be connected to the game crashing, as it doesn't do anything once A3 is launched.

I'll try without the tbbmalloc but it's hard to repo a crash that only occurs intermittently and after several hours of online play. I wonder if it's the same or related to this ticket, as I do have dual monitors and at least one of the other people who crashed around the same time as me tells me that the error specified in this ticket is the one his rpt showed?

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