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K-40 UAV ATGM Laser Pointer/Missile Impact Point off by 10 Meters
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It appears that the ATGM Missiles are striking the ground or target about 10 meters (ground print) on static/fixed targets on the ground. Each time, the UAV pilot with laser designator active and locked on the target, the bomb misses the mark and has to be manually guided by placing the laser point contact just left of the target. I can see some error or adjustment needed for moving targets, but could you check to see if this is coded incorrectly or normal?


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Reproduced succesfully, sometimes laser acts crazy. Happened in community modded content as well as in the vanilla UAV.

Adam added a comment.Apr 24 2015, 10:40 AM

Hello, i had no issues using laser marker to navigate ATGM missiles. Could you please provide more info? Thank you!

I think it has something to do with speeds or angles. Did you try to put the UAV on loiter orbit Adam? It might not be the case when flying straight towards the target.

Missile seems to skip to the right or left usually, the error is very small though 5-10m, negligible for most cases.

I don't know if laser skipping has to do something with it, since you can launch these missiles without laser and they still guide in the middle of crosshair.

Laser quirks on the building; actual laser is very far off the crosshair.,VFWXzzC

the problem is, the uavs locks are not aiming at some vehicles from some angles...
locking a tigris for example locks a point in the air in front of the turret, wich makes hte laser designating the ground when the tank is lased from the side

nevermind, i should have watched the video (still is a problem what is described)

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Hi Adam, with the UAV at 500 Meters Altitude, lock on to a truck, rock or ground object that has a small footprint. Laze, then fire ATGM Skapel missile and watch for it to hit about 10 meters to the right. I notice this with locking (TRACKING) moving vehicles as well.

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Hello again Adam, I recreated this problem with zero MODs running to make sure that it wasn't the case, and the problem still exist on stationary targets with the K-40 UAV (ATGM) Variant. Could the missile track be off because of the movement and orbit of the Laser traveling in a clockwise direction. I usually set the orbit at 1500 meters and will try all the preset orbit radius settings to see if the offset is graduated or proportion to the arc radius.