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Helicopters team, automatically jumps out of a damaged helicopter (without a parachute!)
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When the helicopter is critically damaged, your whole team or passengers commit mass suicide by jumping from this helicopter simultaneously.
Any Passenger must not leave the damaged helicopter, especially if they have no parashute!
At this moment, this AI, deprives himself of the chance to survive, because the damaged helicopter still has a chance to land, saving his team.

This problem exists for the Player and for the AI.
The player's character jumps automatically, without considering the desires of the player!

If this is AI, then in one seconds, all passengers are jumping down.
It looks stupid and not realistic. The player sees the likeness of many rags, which was thrown out of a helicopter.
Please fix this.


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I noticed this by using UH-80 Goust-Hock playing for minigun gunner. After damage, the player's character constantly jumps out and kills himself.
Or by uses the Air-defense soldier, against this Helicopter( with a team of passengers on board).
After the damage, the 8 AI-passengers of this helicopter, fly as rags in the one second.

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scripting is not the solution this problem. The AI in the game should not engage in mass suicides

I agree, you're right, I'm just posting a temporary solution you can use.

Since helicopter inventories have parachutes they should make the Ai use them.