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Vehicle Inventory issues.
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While inside a vehicle accessing your inventory i have noticed a few things:

  1. You cannot move items between combat fatigues, vest or backpack.
  2. You cannot move items into or away from equipment belt for example NVG's.
  3. If you attempt to move items around your inventory, you will also then no longer be able to move items from the vehicle into your inventory unless you reboot the inventory.
  4. Unable to turn on NVG's while in a occupied vehicle. (Example, enter huron with AI inside and try to turn on NVG's)

These issues have existed since accessing the vehicle inventory's from inside was implemented.

I will briefly demonstrate the issues on a video, you can also try this out for yourself.
I run into this problem daily which forces me to exit the vehicle and then access my inventory.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Spawn a rifleman.
  2. Enter a hunter.
  3. Try to move a magazine from your chest carrier to your combat fatigues.
  4. Try to move a magazine from the vehicle inventory to your inventory.
  5. Try to move your map into your inventory.
Additional Information

I tried searching for a glitch report about this but came up short.
There may or may not be a duplicate.

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Reproduced succesfully and confirmed. Drag-and-drop tends to stop working in vehicles, right click works though.

I'm not sure if i should make the NVG glitch into a seperate report.
Because its really effecting everyone's gameplay right now, we have to stop vehicles just so people can get out and put NVG's on and shit.

Still an issue in 1.46

Still an issue in version 1.90.145471