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"Whole Group" trigger activation acts as "Any group member" and vice-versa
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It seems as though "Whole Group" acts just like "Any group member" when it comes to activating a trigger, and vice-versa. In my case, the trigger should activate when a whole enemy group isn't present, but the trigger activates as soon as a unit of that group dies.

This is a tricky situation as many mission editors must've used "any group member" when they originally meant "whole group" (and vice-versa) as a workaround, and correcting this bug can and probably will break some missions, but it still needs to be fixed. {F26161}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Create a group in the editor.
  1. Create a trigger, make it big enough so that no members are outside of it, link it to the group leader and change the activation from "vehicle" to "whole group", and "not present". In the 'On Act' just type 'hint "Trigger Activated"'.
  1. Create your player and preview the mission.
  1. Kill a member of that group and notice that the trigger activates even though it shouldn't.
Additional Information

Thought I'd just upload the mission.sqm file of a quick example.

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Not a issue.


Trigger with activation Whole Group is activated only when every member is inside.

With Not Present activation type, it's activated when not everyone is inside (not when no one is inside, as assumed in the ticket)

When you kill one member, he ceases to be in the trigger and the whole group is no longer inside.