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setPos not working well - Locality issue
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I did post a thread on the official forums:

Bascially when you do a setPos loop (in this case to make two fences moving apart), it doesn't work as intended in a dedicated environment. Its somewhat laggy seems like the pos update takes too much time to complete.

So is it related to the net sync?
Render time scope?
Loop is too fast? (I also tried increasing the sleep time)


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Operating System
Windows 7 x64
Steps To Reproduce
  • Download the GATES.Altis PBO
  • Host it locally - Everything's working as intended
  • Download the TEST.Altis PBO
  • Host it on a dedicated
  • Compare both
  • See that it's not working in the same way
Additional Information

First time reporting here, if it's missing something lemme know, thanks.

-> Maybe related to this (Sniperwolf572 - #519):

-> Probably more related to this:

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I'm unable to use the tablet on Dedicated Server. Could you please check if there is an issue? Thanks!


Yeah sorry for that. Updated (see steps).

  • First pbo is to be tested locally
  • Second one is to be tested on a dedi
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The new repro misison works on dedicated server and The issue has been scheduled for a fix.

Thank you for your feedback.

Update - 1.44


Still the same issue. This is neither better nor worse :(

If you use setpos(asl/aslw/atl) on an object that is not local to you, there will be at least a 3-8 second delay for the teleportation to be complete/visual.
If however the object is local to you, the teleportation will happen instantly, even when setPos is originally executed by another client.

Still not fixed in 1.50

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