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buildingpos's in Land_Cargo_Tower_V1_F bad
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buildingpos's 10,12,15,16,17 in this building are a number of meters above a walkable surface and spawning at them causes a fall to death.

Also buildpos 5 is supposed to be in the lowest internal room level (approx 12.8m atl) but is actually so high the unit spawns with his head in the roof and glitches onto the roof level


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Spawn a cargotower

tower = createvehicle ["Land_Cargo_Tower_V1_F", getpos player, [],0,"NONE];

player setpos (tower buildingpos x);

will result in a fall to death where x is 10,12,15,16,17. where x is 5, unit will glitch through a ceiling and end up on roof.

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Great. Can't reproduce this now. :( All of the building pos's spawn in the expected place.

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Maybe it's a one time thing after launching the game? Or the mission.

Perhaps. Biki says;

The location returned by buildingPos is not reliable after the player has exited and then resumed the mission.

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The code for spawning the tower is not working for me. Could you please double check if the code you have posted is correct? Thank you.

Missing speech marks after NONE in the createvehicle command.

tower = createvehicle ["Land_Cargo_Tower_V1_F", getpos player, [],0,"NONE"];


player setposATL (tower buildingpos x);

seems to be working better

ALso says ATL too

It does, KK you're right.

However, and it's not really related to this ticket, some of my towers are in the water. :)