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Sound & object distance reduced since last patch
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The sound distance of small arms fire seems greatly reduced? you can hear bullets hitting the ground/passing by, but not the sound of weapon firing until you are with a couple of hundred yd's? The only weapon you can hear at a distance is the 50cal and larger.

Also players are finding their object view distance keeps being reduced to 600m & have to go into options to increase it again, doesn't always happen, just randomly every so often. Noticed since last update.


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Gunfire Sound Distance seems permanently reduced. Object view distance happening at random to all coop players.

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The first thing regarding the distance is not an issue. The second issue about people having theirs view distance reduced to 600m is an issue. Could you please provide more info?

Thank you

Various people when playing coop on a dedicated server have noticed that when they are not seeing what other players are seeing on checking their "object view distance" that it has somehow reduced its self to 600. it cant be increased again to what ever is normal for them. It has happened to different players at different times, but all when on the regular Dedicated server & also when on single player have noticed from time to time the same problem. It seems for me personally at the moment to happen less often than it did originally.

Re the sound distance; sorry but it is an issue in so far as you have no idea where you are being shot at from, it is as though all enemies are using silencers which is just not realistic sir...