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Bipod Duplicating
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Mod = Epoch

The DLC guns that spawn with the bipod already attached, if you remove the bipod and place the gun into storage, after a server restart the gun has the bipod attachment back plus the one removed.


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Steps To Reproduce

Place gun into storage.
Wait till server restart.
Now you have to bipods.

Additional Information

I am unsure if this happens on other mods, but have confirmed it happens in EpochMod, I have also reported the glitch on too.

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We cannot fix mod issues. It is up to the mod creators to fix them. Can you reproduce this issue on unmodded version of the game?

Thank you for your feedback.

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I dont know but I have let the Epoch Devs know thanks anyways.

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Hello VJ and Adam,

This problem is due to our persistence and the inability to remove the attachments from a weapon that are placed into cargo space. We use base classes of weapons with no attachments. However, there are no default BI classes without bipods that I am aware of.

We use the base weapon classes and simply add the existing weapon attachments to the cargo space alongside the weapon. Ideally, the fix would come with a feature like this instead of a bunch of workarounds.

We are tracking this issue on our Epoch GitHub here: