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NVG Auto Brightness Control and Bright Source Protection improvements
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I'd like to recommend some changes to how NVGs are modeled in ArmA 3. Real NVG auto brightness control reacts in milliseconds to changing light conditions, not over seconds as seems to ArmA 3 model it. Also, bright source protection reduces voltage to the affected photocathode reducing overall brightness to allow usage in brighter areas such as lit city streets. In ArmA 3, bright areas are washed out entirely. Combine the lighting model which in which physical models do not cast shadows, this makes operating in cities at night near impossible. Real NVGs are able to quickly adapt to these brighter conditions however making darker areas harder to see while in the presence of a contrasting bright light source.


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Use NVGs in ArmA 3
Compare to real, modern NVGs

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NV would deserve a revamp >

also being more dynamic and mainly able to manually adjust the brightness instead of automatic