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Add a flash suppressor as an alternative muzzle device.
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Firing in low light conditions or nighttime without a suppressor can be problem.
That is why there are muzzle devices such as a flash suppressor, which significantly improves hiding the muzzle flash of your weapon.

I am aware that sound suppressor also hide your muzzle flash but they may also effect the speed of your bullets and increase the weight of your muzzle. So, some of us may not want to have a bulky suppressor in the end of their barrel, but instead a light piece as a solution.

The muzzle flash of your weapon can obstruct your bare eye vision in low light conditions and even more your vision when wearing night vision goggles (NVG's)
It can also reveal your position to the enemy and it even creates a light around you like someone is pointing a flashlight at you, which allows the enemy to see your body clearly and engage you accurately.

These are some reasons why i think it would be a nice feature if you would add flash suppressors as an alternative muzzle device for your weapon.
{F26079} {F26080} {F26081} {F26082} {F26083}


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Below i will add screenshots of me firing a weapon in the dark aiming down sight, of me firing a weapon with a side view and the same with NVG's.

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Some mods already allows it.

I would still like to see it in vanilla arma 3.

Agree. Not sure why they left it out. It's there, really easy to activate in the vanilla game.

This should be added, along with many other attachments.

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Yes please.

This and also muzzle brakes.