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UAV control limited while in any vehicle after 1.42 release
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When a UAV operator is inside any kind of vehicle (in any seat), the UAV controls for any UAV are limited and doesn't allow the operator (either as pilot or gunner) rather than piloting the UAV (or moving the camera as gunner) to switch camera modes (NVG/FLIR/TV), zoom in/out, switch weapons (laser designator/scalpels/GBUs), launch countermeasures and fire/activate the weapon/designation systems (this last one I had a weird exception, more info on "additional information").


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UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)
Steps To Reproduce

Spawn any UAV and any vehicle (ground/water/air) and try to use the UAV (direct control) functions while inside the vehicle. It's going to be very self-evident.

Additional Information

The last one I specify "not always" in description of the problem, it's because once it happened, that when I was already controlling a UAV from outside any vehicle, and it was already flying and with the GBUs preselected, I forgot about the issue and got into an armoured vehicle, and being in the UAV gunner control, pressed the button to switch to laser designator (I use A2 controls so it's F), I didn't realize it didn't work, clicked and it dropped a bomb. That's an exception as "normally", with this bug, you can't fire a weapon or activate/deactivate the laser designator.

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Hi, I was unable to reproduce this issue (tested on both branches - dev and stable).

Do you use any mods? Are you able to reproduce this issue even with vanilla game (with no user-created mod running)? Could you please describe the exact steps which leads to this issue (or better attach simple repro mission?)? Thanks!

Hi, I have experienced this issue even on public Wasteland (and Domination) servers in at least BLUFOR and INDEPENDENT sides, without any mods and while being on Quadbikes, Tigris, Gorgon APCs, MBTs (don't remember which) and To-199 Neophrons, and the UAVs being both AR-2 Darters and Greyhawks (haven't tried UGVs but I suspect it's the same).

I have also experienced it while using mods (a lot of them in fact), but as I said it happens even without them. I use Arma 2 controls but friends that use A3 ones also had the problem. Will test deeper, hope anything I said could help meanwhile.

Thanks for fast response.

Thanks for the feedback! User-created missions can consist code which causes this issue as well. If you are not able to reproduce this issue without any user-created content (for example in the editor), then it is probably caused by user-created mission/mod and we are not able to fix it unfortunately.

Could you please contact the author of given mod/mission and report this issue to him? He should be able to help you (by fixing of that issue or he can report a bug to us, if he finds out he can't fix it himself and give us detailed description of the issue in his code). Thanks!

Sorry for not having provided additional input on this, now I have more time and will do it these near days. The problem persists in the same conditions, will report in singleplayer vanilla conditions soon.


PS: And if you're right about the cause being third-party code, will do what yuo asked and contact the devs.

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@DarkDruid, I found this to happen with AIR vehicles (MH-9 & A-164 in pilot seat) and also tested on the Hunter, same result. These tests were done in the editor and with no mods/scripts on the VR map. Version: 1.48.131645