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Switching between optic modes of a sniper scope (AMS, DMS, MOS) will result in a blurred vision
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When you switch between holo/iron sight and the zoom optic and back again, you'll get a blurred vision.
This results due the chromatic aberration/blur you get when looking through the zoom optic.
The post processing does not get killed.


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Steps To Reproduce

Get a optic such as:

  • AMS
  • MOS
  • DMS
  1. look through the zoom optic
  2. switch with "opticsMode" key (Left Ctrl+Sec. Mouse Btn." or "/ [NUM]) to secondary optic
Additional Information

If you leave the iron sight/zoom optic via right mouse button, the vision gets reseted.

Video with demonstration here:

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I've noticed the same, upvoted.

Please, at least acknowledge it :)

Annoying problem, would love to see this fixed.

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Bothered me always, very annoying and hurts my eyes.

Yeah, this is getting pretty annoying. Reminds me wearing soft contact lenses which can become blurry when they become dirty or fold a bit. Therefore in Arma3 I have the tendency to start blinking to get a clear picture back :-)

Please BI fix the issues, the bug renders the scopes nearly unuseable for me.

Still annoying guys...

Yea, still annoying.

Maybe fix it?

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