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Secondary weapon muzzle animation on armour always on
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As the title says, as of the 1.42 update, the muzzle flash animation for secondary weapons (machine guns) on armour is always on.

See video capture I did here that shows the issue on a Marshall

I've observed this in the single player campaign final mission "Game Over". Have witnessed it on several different armoured vehicles (I think it also happens on the Panther).


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Hop in some armour i.e. Marshall, and note that the gun looks like it is permanently firing when it isn't.

Not sure if it affects *all* armoured vehicles though.

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I'm unable to reproduce your issue. Could you please provide more info? Thanks.

Adam, had the issue occur again this evening.

I loaded a save game and both the gunner MG and commander MGs on my MBT had the muzzle flash animation playing. I had previously been roaming around in the tank with one AI squad member as crew. I was alternating between driving and switching to gunner if it helps.

Here's another vid -

In this vid you see the muzzle animations playing. I get rid of them by firing a shot using the gunner MG and then the Commander MG.

I save the game, exit Arma, and launch Arma again.

When the save game is loaded the muzzle animations are back on.

The only mod I have loaded is Pomi Allow Save -