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Bipods do not deploy in prone when controller connected
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The default key "c" is set.
(This issue only occurs when my Xbox 360 wired controller is connected.)
In the Virtual Arsenal or Editor (haven't tried campaign or MP), rifles with bipods will not deploy when in the prone position. The rifle will twitch slightly but not deploy.
Going to the settings/controls/weapons menu and exiting out without changing anything will then cause the "c" key to deploy the bipod while in the prone position. If the unit then moves out of the prone position the issue will occur again.
Symptoms tested on 2 separate machines. Tried setting other keys for 'deploy' but the issue persists.
I use combo of 5-button mouse & Xbox 360 wired controller.


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Weapon Stabilization
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Open Virtual Arsenal or Editor.
  2. Equip a rifle fitted with a bipod.
  3. Go to the prone position.
  4. Attempt to deploy the weapon and experience weapon twitch.
  5. Go to the Weapons controls menu then exit.
  6. Successfully deploy the weapon in the prone position.
  7. Move out of prone, re-enter prone and issue reappears.

(Xbox 360 wired controller in use, custom settings in menu)

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Once in prone with the bipod deployed, changing optics mode on a scope also causes the issue to occur, the bipod will fold up and will not re-deploy.

It seems a lot better after the 1.42 hotfix - I think this issue is related to the Y axis deadzone on the controller; I noticed that sometimes the rifle would deploy in prone, sometimes it would twitch as if it was trying to get parallel to the ground. I've increased the deadzone to its maximum value and prone deployment now works first time most of the time.
Changing optics while in prone no longer causes the issue.

What if you disable deadzone? Can I close the ticket?

With the dead zone at maximum the issue happens rarely.
With the dead zone disabled (at minimum) guns will not deploy in prone.
Any dead zone setting less than maximum (10 percent) causes the problem intermittently, becoming more frequent closer to the zero setting.
The issue still exists so please leave the ticket open, thank you

I have my Xbox 360 wired controller connected 24/7 and have had no such issue

Are you using the controller in the game? I can reproduce the issue on two different machines using different controllers.
If the controller is connected but not in use then I doubt the problem will manifest itself.

I only use my controller for driving, which I must say makes driving much better.

Ah, I use the left thumb stick for all movement and a mouse for looking around. If you don't have the thumb stick linked to infantry movement then you shouldn't experience the issue.