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Blurry 2D Optic Reticles
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2D optic reticles are blurry on any texture detail setting below "Very High" {F26032}


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Set texture detail to any setting below "Very High"
Observe 2D Optic Reticles

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Upvoted, please give the reticles priority over other textures.

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A million times yes

As I mentioned in the forum thread discussing this issue (

Even when textures are set to Very High, the game has a tendency to mipmap the 2D reticle textures along with other items in first person view; favouring the allocation of high-res textures to newly rendered environment objects instead.

Once mipmapped to low-res, these reticles and first-person objects tend to stay low-res for the rest of the session, rather transitioning back to high-res in the way that environmental objects transition between mipmaps depedning on how close the player is stood to them.

It would be good if reticles and first person objects had greater priority when allocating the high-res mip-map stages from those textures currently held in memory.

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