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Since the 1.42 update i need to use multiple buttons to adjust my stance and since im using a gamecontroller i can't before the 1.42 update i could use 1 button on my x-box controller and use the walking stick for the rest of adjusting stance now i can't do that any more and need to use my D-pad for adjust stance while i used the d-pad for leaning and other stuff. Pleaze fix this Bohemia cuz it sucks mayor league


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any x-box ( x-input) or direct-input controller go to configure controlls and try getting the ADJUST function on 1 button or 2 buttons ( won't work)

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used to be ADJUST only now adjust left, right, up & etc.

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Koala added a comment.Apr 8 2015, 11:10 PM

Dear stoney-dsp, have you tried to use the search function?
That is an already known issue: #0022872 and #0023450

Adam added a comment.Apr 9 2015, 9:18 AM

This issue is fixed now. Try creating new profile and reproducing the issue again. Thank you.

Sorry but NOT resolved.
inputAction "Adjust" remains no more available, what new profile and standard preset controls you choose (arma3 or arma3 alternative)!
No addons, just test in debug console.

So, if you consider my ticket duplicated, you should do something for this function. All addons scripted with "adjust" inputaction doesn't work properly anymore!

Still NOT resolved! Even after creating a new profile and even trying to input it via the arma 3 profile the key Adjust isn't working,

@ Koala; The Problem occured after the DLC marksman not before

only way 4 me to use the adjust stance now is D-pad and that screws up the gaming now ( only because i used d-pad for other stuff.)

Yes We just have to cross the fingers because Adam is fast at marking "resolved" if posts are "duplicated".
Are they? Posts, not really, solution perhaps!

Just hope, the problem will be taken in its WHOLE ASPECTS:

  • Adjust stance button for someones;
  • disabled inputAction for others.

And the only Adam's message here is not comforting so far!

Adam added a comment.Apr 13 2015, 4:36 PM

Have been scheduled for a fix.