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Release Candidate Key Bind Issues
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I know this topic was brought up before, but it really needs to be Shoved Down Dev's Throat's, Not Being Rude ! However Not Being able to change the Advanced Stances to a configuration of our choosing is a big step back in this build... I use PS3 controller, and I've tried manually setting the Left Trigger in my config to act as the Left Ctrl key and this works on stable build but on Release Candidate it does not. Due to the 4 new Stance Configs in the U.I. Control options. Now this is okay if it would except Common Combination like my left Trigger from my Controller and then say Mouse Wheel up, as of now I can only get it to except keyboard combination, and most are already used, I can not even get it to except a Keyboard key and a mouse button Combination either. Now if the Profile config file actually showed these key settings I might be able to adjust them manually but they do not and I as well as every other game owner should be able to config the control options much simpler than this..

I'm going to be Blunt...

" The Adjust Key setting in the U.I needs to be Brought Back as well as Better Receiving of information from multiple controller sources need to be able to detect during the U.I. Key Config Process. "


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