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Would badly need more CfgLocationTypes
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Using the locations is very handy but as default there is not much suitable LocationTypes to use (only the "Name", other have visible icons). Would love to see more unused locations types set as default in game config with same parameters as that "Name" so without icons.

Or as alternative way, to allow adding CfgLocationTypes classes in mission's description.ext. Wouldnt want to make my mission require any addon.

So e.g. if having 6-14 unused location types (classes) added in game config would be big dream for me. Could be named e.g. cusLoc1, cusLoc2, cusLoc3...

As result would be able to use faster methods to detect camps/posts/roadblocks and other military settlements. Also easily set variables into those. Currently using arrays which is a poor slower way.


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Tried this in mission description.ext but dosent seem to work:
class CfgLocationTypes {
class CampB {
color[] = {0,0,0,1};
drawStyle = "name";
font = "PuristaMedium";
name = "CampB";
shadow = 1;
size = 0;
textSize = 0.04;
texture = "";

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