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[MEDIC] add all injured units to the action command when commanding a medic to heal someone
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ive just noticed that all this time you could only tell the medic to heal 1 person.

lets say 4 people are injured, only 1 appears on the action command list.
i think it would be fair if all 4 were listed as you may want to prioritize who to heal first, as you could also be hurt.


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Steps To Reproduce

go on stratis
place 4 units, one being a medic (infantry)
make all units damaged to an extent.
command the AI to heal someone.

notice only 1 unit appears not 4!

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Adam added a comment.Apr 7 2015, 2:14 PM

Hello and thank you for your feedback.

We cannot do anything about this since this is not a issue and the behaviour is working as intended.

so the intended feature only lists 1 injured soldier not 4 for example?
how does this work :/

surely you should have more of a choice who to heal?
maybe you want to heal a sniper first as he is closer!

ive had it when ive told the medic to heal someone and he is the furthest one away and the closest injured person died.

Adam added a comment.Apr 7 2015, 2:22 PM

You can always aim your weapon at a wounded friendy, open up the command when medic is selected and order him to heal that soldier.

didnt think of that, my apologies!

Adam added a comment.Apr 7 2015, 2:40 PM

You are welcome!