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Bipods Hiding Player Exploit (Marksman DLC)
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With bipods on rifles, players can bury themselves underground, while still having vision of surrounding area.

Affects: LRR, MXM
Does not Affect: SPMG
Others not tested.

Appears to be related to the position of the bipod view. Once you change your bipod angle, it does not work. The closer to the "centre" of your bipod position, the more likely it will happen.


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Weapon Stabilization
Steps To Reproduce

-In editor, place either the Blufor Marksman, or Blufor Sniper
-In game, go prone, and deploy bipod. Do not move the mouse.
-Deploy/undeploy over and over.

Additional Information

No mods used.

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oh this is gold :)

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Hello, that has been fixed, thanks for the report.