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A164 Wipeout is working very bad at least for AI (Plane physics or AI issue?)
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Cant stop thinking the A164 Wipeout plane is working ultra bad with AI pilots. I rarely see that plane survive more than few moments - its taking all hits from mg and probably even small arms fire. Have tried to set the flyingheight to 600 and give proper velocity when its spawned, but the AI pilot bring the speed quickly very down and cant keep the set flyinheight at all, coming down to some 50-100 height where its sitting duck. That plane would need badly some balansing since the other planes work so nice. Of course it different kind of plane, but the AI behaviour with it is hopeless. Would wish to see it 1.5-2x faster and/or at least keeping the set flyingheight properly.


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Place some CSAT vehicles in area and make AI A164 Wipeout fly into it. You will rarely see the plane destroy anything before shot very quickly down. Adding more plane usually ends even more comical way.

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Else the plane is very nice, just hoping it would be as deadly as A10 in arma2.

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Upvoted, it's flying ridiculously bad. In addition, it's also hitting very unreliably.

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