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142RC - DOF bug still present for scopes
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"Eyes, one of a Marksmen sharp sensory organs.
But wait, what is that.. still vodka in my eyes; since months?"

Splendid new sound for Marksmen DLC, nice new weapons, but the scope attachments still suffer from the good old bug.
If Marksmen DLC is not the right moment to fix the 3D scopes, I don't know when is?

Exclude the weapon optics from any DOF (Depth of Field) settings that can be managed via ingame. It makes Scopes blurry, and distorted.


2 pictures in the attachments

  • "old but gold DOF (clear) reticle vs (blurry) surroundings.png"

This is a how it looked before a patch changeed/broke it

  • "arma3 2015-04-04 01-41-10-393.png"

This is how it looks on 142RC Marksmen(!) DLC version supposed to bring enjoyment to shooting. Ain't gonna shoot that well with blurry, distorted 3D optics.

Take your attention to the sides of both pictures which are nice blurry at the sides, but the old mechanic didn't touch the 3D scopes reticle for DOF.


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Steps To Reproduce
  • use any 3D scope on a weapon such as ARCO, MRCO, or RCO
  • DOF ingame settings value 100 (should be standard setting after a fresh install on a decent PC rig)
  • experiment a bit with the slider of the DOF between 40-200 while having some obstacles at the side of the scope and aimed down sight any target.
Additional Information

DOF values as for 39 and lower looks kinda ok for the optics reticle, almost no blurry and distorted, still keeps a bit of shine/glow, but the surroundings and the outer scope shapes are not that blurry anymore as it once worked perfectly fine before, looked good and brought more immersion due to it.

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Reduce this settings in game options. Have you changed resolution last time? Its look like video resolution is too small and those effects cant handle it. Reduce to 50 or to 25

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It doesn't have anything to do with my resolution which is 1920 x 1080.
Try my reproducing steps and you will understand this bug.

Yep adding even minimal DOF adds ugly blur on the scopes. I'd like to use just a bit but the effect is too bad.

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