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Launcher load failed
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Tried to launch arma 3 in steam, but i have error:`We were unable to initialized Launcher. Launcher will close.
Reason: [GeneralError] Unknown.`


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mb my internet was pretty bad this time and it lagged a bit.

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as a first step, I'd suggest that you verify integrity of game cache: [^] If you use McAfee antivirus software, I'd suggest you to turn it temporarily off, because it is known to cause problems with Arma.

I can see that you were missing the Visual C++ 2013 redistributable package and installed in the process. Did you restarted your computer since you installed Visual C++ 2013 redistributable package?

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Thx, reinstalled Visual C++ and it started to work.

Glad to hear that. I will add a special handling for this case so the error message would be more helpful in the future.