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launcher stays open when starting game and steam registers it as playing arma 3
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steam works in that way that it says you are currently playing arma 3 when you have the arma 3 launcher open.

While that isn't inherently an issue I think it's an issue that the launcher doesn't close itself automatically when you start the game. I don't think there is any reason anyways why it should stay open.
That comes to a problem when you close the game but not the arma 3 launcher and it still says on your steam profile that you are playing arma 3.
Several times have I forgotten to close it.

That might just be my opinion on that matter but it's bothering me.

I see only 2 possible solutions to that "issue":

1.: Make steam not register the arma 3 launcher as playing arma 3. I don't know if that is even feasible or if it is intended like that by developers in that way.

2.: Make the launcher simply close itself when you start the game.

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Launcher is Arma 3 from the Steam's perspective. Otherwise it would be unable to process workshop mods. That is not going to change.

In the future, we will add an option what to do with Launcher after starting the game: do nothing, minimize, close.